Allyssa & Cullin: Half(the)time engagement photos

It was Thanksgiving, and we were enjoying our time with Drew’s family.  Alyssa, Drew’s cousin, had previously talked about doing some engagement photos while I was there, so I was ready.  However, usually girls tend to want to change into 10 different coordinating outfits, so it shocked me when Alyssa said that she didn’t mind making a quick run to do them before the big football game began.  No need to change.  No need for outfits or primping.  She was ready to go and just get them done.  I loved that about this session.  Spontaneous and under an hour (we had to be back for Cullin to enjoy the game), we had tons of fun going to a nearby park as well as an auto shop we saw along the way.  I can’t wait for about a month when I shoot their wedding!

I love how this “accidental” photo turned out!

This is such a sweet look

Probably my favorite of the day!

Look closely at Cullin’s face here

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