Carrie and Matt: Wedding

Yes, here she is again!  Those bridals didn’t mess up Carrie’s makeup or hair a bit!  The wedding was set in FW at First United Methodist Church.  Here’s just a few from that day.

This also was Carrie’s late grandmother’s Bible.  What a special treasure!

I just loved the handle on this door!

Matt looked quite handsome, too!

This was such a sweet time with Carrie and her grandma.  What a sweetie she is!  (By the way, she even made some delicious cookies for the brides’ room!)

I have to explain what’s going on here.  No, we did not intend to have a no-peak picture before the wedding.  We just happened to have to dodge Matt as he was getting to the church.  Because they were literally feet apart when he entered, I had to catch a couple pics.

This is Carrie’s sweet mom.  I love her expression!

Here’s Carrie’s dad.  I can literally hear his amazing laugh when I look at this photo.

Because Carrie is an only child, she was very close to her cousin.  This is his sweet son (who had some amazing dance moves at the reception, I might add.)

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