Carrie: Wedding day bridals

This is Carrie.  She is a sweet friend I’ve had for a very long time.  We met at my home church when her family moved there in Middle School.  She was such an encourager as I went through the student ministry and my faith grew.  She means so much to me that almost 6 years ago, she sang in my wedding.  I have to say that she was absolutely amazing that day.  In fact, I had no trouble with my emotions that day until I heard her singing as I was waiting to walk down the aisle.

Not too long ago, I received a random call.  First of all, through the course of a couple years, I had broken a couple phones and lost many numbers (don’t you hate when that happens), so I had no idea who was calling.  On the other end of the line was Carrie!  At first I thought this was a much-needed catch-up call, but then she told me the news.  “I’m engaged…and I’m getting married in November!”  I believe that was July.

Many plans had to be worked out in a short time, but her wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  Because the wedding dress arrived only days before the wedding, we used a little time before the wedding to get some bridals for sentimental reasons.  Here’s a few from the day.  She was just stunning, beaming with joy!

By the way, aren’t her flowers just gorgeous?!  The pin was her late grandmother’s.  I thought that was a beautiful touch!

I love her facial in this one!  She looks ecstatic to be getting married!

And this one, too, of course!  This is the laugh I remember her by.

My favorite of the day…

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