Ashley & Kyle: She “hooked him”

My “Papa” was a college football coach and my dad is a baseball fan, so I tend to understand things such as school pride, rooting for your team, keeping up with games.  I can understand it even personally because I love my San Antonio Spurs.  I, however, had the first encounter with a bride and groom that were such fans of the Longhorns that all the details ran orange.  Orange M&Ms.  Orange bridesmaids dresses.  Orange cake.  Orange flowers.  Orange, orange, orange.  If I had heard that this was going to be the theme of this wedding ahead of time, I would have worn orange just to make their day! In all seriousness, I LIKED the orange.  It was fun, cheery, and unique.  The flowers were some of my all-time favorites, and I think the theme made the whole day more bright.  Thank you Ashley and Kyle for such a joyful celebration!

I loved the orange details, so the rings made it in several shots.

Yes!  They wore boots!  I LOVED that!

This expression is perfect!  You can tell they love each other dearly!

This one makes me smile!

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