Brooklyn: 18 months and counting

About 6 months ago, I had the joy of shooting some family portraits for the Keffers.  Ashley and I grew up together in New Braunfels, and now we both live in Fort Worth.  Her daughter, Brooklyn, is so cute and full of energy, as most 18-month-olds are.  That was what made this session so fun.  Movement.  I love to see what babies will do at this age.  They are so observant, and I wish I could get inside their little brains and see what they are thinking.  On this day, Brooklyn was most likely thinking, “Let me play. What’s that big thing you keep shooting in my face?”  Ha!

My favorite memory of this shoot was Brooklyn repeating “Happy!”  before I would take a pic.  I now know that she’s been saying “Happy!” at home repeatedly. How cute is that?!

Look at the lashes on this beautiful girl!

I adore this!

Look at that attitude!

She did not want to be on the stairs, but that’s what made this shot look so cute!

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