Emily and Brad: Creative Christmas

Emily and Brad are dear friends of ours at Travis Avenue Baptist Church.  They work with us in the youth, and we are so very grateful for them.  Now, Emily is quite the hospitable one, and every time I’ve gone to her house, I marvel at her creative genius.  She has great antiques and creative decor all over her house…and equally impressive is her incredible neatness.  🙂 When Emily asked for me to do their Christmas photos (that her husband so kindly agreed to), I was thrilled!  This was partially due to the fact that the moment I said “Of course!” she added, “What do you think about an open frame?  And what do you think about balloons…a big bunch, all colors?!”  My creative heart beat loudly!  “Yessssss!” I thought.

So here we are…Emily, Brad, and myself…dragging an antique chair, big open frame, and a large bunch of balloons all through a field on the windiest day of the season.  That made for some fun!  The fun never ended either.  At the last spot, I asked for them to throw leaves in the air, and Emily’s wedding/engagement rings flew off!  I say that the favor of the Lord was on that couple because the engagement ring was found that night as the sun set, and the wedding ring was found the next day.  What memories I have of that session!  And a note to all photographers out there: Ask people to take off their wedding rings before throwing leaves.

I gave Emily and Brad a little “marriage enrichment activity,” as I call it.  I asked them to write on a balloon the first thought that pops in their head about their spouse.  Emily, to be funny, wrote “Hot,” and Brian in response so sweetly wrote “Pretty.”  Then Emily replied, “Wow!  That makes us look shallow.”  So, here I am giving them credit since you may not know them: They are NOT shallow. 🙂

Their height difference is so cute to me

Two of my faves

They chose this to put on their Christmas card, and it turned out super cute!

Thanks for cooperating, Brad!

This is one of my favorite photos of all time!

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