Eubanks Fam: Thank God for GAP

These are the Eubanks.  How I love this family!  Kerrie was actually one of my bridesmaids in my wedding, and I was in hers as well.  So shooting this session was, of course, a joy for me!  Unfortunately for Kerrie, they had a few outfit “problems” with the girls on the way to the shoot, but lucky for them, there was a GAP nearby.  The girls looked cute as ever in there coordinating outfits!

Kerrie, I enjoyed this mini-shoot with y’all, and it seems like so long ago.  I think we are waaaay overdue for a Chick-fil-A run, so let’s make a date soon!

This brought such laughter…Emma and Addy wouldn’t sit still on this slope.  They kept sliding down it in their new outfits.

A split second that they weren’t sliding…

Beautiful parents

Beautiful girls

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