Melissa + John + 1 year old Cade

What a sweet family this is!  Melissa and John were fellow DBU-ers, and we had a lot of fun on this shoot!  Cade was about to turn 1, so, along with family photos, we got to do a little Baby Cake Session.  Some babies love those, some babies hate them.  I’m a mom who believes that messes equal fun, so they ALWAYS make my day!

Although we ended with the Cake Session, I will let YOU enjoy it first…

I love Melissa’s face here!  I recognize this “mommy facial” because I use it all the time to get my own kids to smile for pics.  Ha!

Such a sweet moment…

Can you tell that Cade loves his daddy?

Love this facial

Probably the top of my list

This boy LOVES to be thrown in the air!

Melissa did a great chalk drawing of the fam!  It makes me want to go outside and chalk my driveway right now!

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