Sarah and Carter: 2nd time’s the charm

There’s a little story to go with this couple’s engagement photos.  Remember Brad and Emily’s Christmas photo session?  Remember how she lost her rings when they were throwing leaves?  Well, THAT story had a fortunate ending.

Sarah actually lost her beloved Aggie ring.  You Aggies out there could probably cry with her because you understand the importance of that ring.  We were on our engagement shoot, and we stopped for an outfit change, and the ring fell on the bathroom floor and was taken in a split second.  So, needless to say, after using up daylight in the effort to try to find the person who took the ring, I decided that we MUST have 2 shoots.

Sarah and Carter, I had such a great time with y’all on BOTH shoots!  I can’t wait for the wedding this summer!!!

I love the colors here.  They look they belong at this location.

Any time I would ask them to kiss, Sarah would just start giggling, which in return, would make me giggle.  It looks like she’s over the giggles here, though. 🙂

I feel like they need to be JCrew models.

Sarah loves details. This shot shows off her attention to wardrobe details.

I love this sequence

Sarah and Carter actually introduced me to this location between the T & P lofts and the station.  I LOVE it!

2 thoughts on “Sarah and Carter: 2nd time’s the charm

  1. A. This seriously could be a J. Crew ad. I totally agree.

    B. I am dying over your blog header because I cannot handle that much cuteness. LOVE IT.

    • Oh you are so sweet! Thank you, as always for encouraging me! Did you see your post? I happen to like it a lot!

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