Whitney & Kyle: A wintry wedding

It was just a couple days after Christmas when Whitney and Kyle got married.  What a beautiful evening wedding they had!  The whole wedding party was a joy to work with, as was the family.  I could tell they loved the Lord, and those are the weddings I enjoy in a very different way.  Thank you guys for demonstrating Christ’s love and joy all through the day!

I’m beginning with my fave of the day…

How hilarious is this?!  All I asked for was a silly face, yet they all look sort of similar.

Wonderful job on the chalkboard drawing, girls!  Did I ever mention on this blog that I love chalk?!

No joke.  Their idea.

These 3 groomsmen are brothers, and they described Kyle as their 4th brother.

I love her expression here

What a fun and unique dress!

2 thoughts on “Whitney & Kyle: A wintry wedding

  1. Hailey! You were fun to work with too. I was only a bridesmaid and loved every minute. I get great comments of the pictures im tagged in. I am going to keep you connected to my blog so if some wish to contact you for their photography needs they can.

    Thanks for all the fun!

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