Beth & Lee + the honorable Patton

Beth and Lee are kind of people that refresh you when you are around them.  They are sincere people.  They demonstrate the love of Christ so naturally.  I had only met Beth once and hadn’t met Lee at all previous to their engagement shoot, but after leaving, I felt like I could have shot the whole day away with them.  They are the type of people that make my job enjoyable.

They chose a very sentimental location for their engagements, which I always jump at the chance of a new location, so I was thrilled for them to know what they wanted.  They chose Beth’s parents ranch.  That was where, on the 4th of July, Lee chose to propose to Beth, post-it note in hand to recite it perfectly.

When I arrived, we immediately hopped in the family’s ranch Jeep, and climbed rocky hills.  I was very impressed at the control Lee had over the steering going up very, very steep hills when all I could think was, “We’re NOT going to slide backward.  We’re NOT going to slide backward. We’re NOT going to slide backward.” We bounced our way up to “the spot,” the sentimental place where the proposal happened, and I was overwhelmed by the beauty, God’s creation, that the hill overlooked.  Peaceful and quiet, I could have asked for some time alone up there, but I had to get to business, not wasting daylight.  Their delight in the Lord and each other was evident.

After walking a bit on the hill, we bounced and bumped our way back down, and then took some more photos, this time with addition of Lee’s most precious and treasured dog, Patton.  You could tell that he was enjoying the attention, but I think Lee was the most pleased about having him in the photos.

That marvelous Jeep!

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