Christy & Jason: Freezing in Deep Ellum

Wow!  This couple is so amazing to schedule a shoot on the coldest day in the winter.  When I woke up that morning, I thought I could dress in about 7 layers to keep warm.  False.  Nothing, absolutely nothing could have kept me warm…unless I could have been surrounded by an entourage of people holding portable heaters.  My fingers were literally so cold that it was hard to push the shutter button, and I was praying over my focusing the lens on every photo because I couldn’t handle it well.  Oh what laughs I had on the ride home.

So these people are troopers for shooting that day!  Props to Christy and Jason!  You were very bold!

We shot in Deep Ellum because Jason, a talented musician plays in a band down there frequently.  The bold colors were fun, considering Fort Worth is more about the architecture than the paint.  I just LOVE this blue wall that we began at!

I’m drawn to vintage things, and I just wanted to steal these curtains (not really) for my house.  They would look great with my turquoise stuff.

Ahead of time, Christy had told me how much Jason makes her laugh.  It was so evident in their shoot.  He makes some pretty incredible funny faces, too!

Afterwards, we took a few photos for some of Jason’s marketing materials.

Fancy that!  There was a colorful music mural right across the street from the blue wall!

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