Meagan & Joe: My {very biased} favorite shoot

Yes, this was my absolute favorite shoot ever, but that’s because it was with my brother, Joe, and his beautiful fiance, Meagan.  My husband will take credit for their meeting because they were both assistants in ministry at Lakeside when we were there, but with honesty I must say that they actually met before their internship.  We immediately loved Meagan individually, and when Meagan and Joe became “Meagan and Joe,” we loved that, too.  Meagan is a perfect fit for our family, and it will be great for my sister, Kayci, and I to get another sister!  (We are outnumbered by boys right now.)

Joe has always been a silly guy.  Even as a child he would perform for just about anyone, and he always loved to provoke a good laugh.  If I had one word to describe Meagan, it would be “joy!” (with the exclamation point).  She has such a bubbly, friendly personality, and she also loves a good laugh.  This engagement session surely gave ALL of us some funny memories, as you will see (semi) proof of below.  They were themselves the whole time…no awkwardness, stiffness, or weird smiles.  In fact, at times, I didn’t even have to do a lot of posing because they could pose themselves.  How easy they made it on me!

Besides the silliness, there is such a gentle sweetness that you can see reflected in the way they treat each other, and I loved watching that as we did our session.  They both are in love with the Lord, and that is what has founded their love for each other.  I can’t wait for their wedding because I know that their testimony of His faithfulness and love will be shown in every detail.

I’ve included about half of my favorites here, and some of them are simply because they show off the silliness between Joe and Meagan.  There are so many more I would love to share, but my blog has to show other people, too. 🙂

This makes me happy!  Who knows what was said?

Joe has some great form, huh?  I think these next 2 shots were his idea.

I love the look of this one.

There it is: JOY!

Our friend, Cyndie (see “Jackson 5” post), painted this worn window.  I LOVED that idea!

I HAD to take a photo with this sign

This is one of my all-time favorite sequences

I’m not going to lie, we stole this layout from another photographer that Meagan knew from California.  You have to understand that the beginning of Joe and Meagan’s relationship began 1,423 miles apart as they were in school a few states away.  Joe knew the exact number he drove to ask her to begin dating.  That just made me a little emotional.

Look at that expression!  He used to make that when he was 4!

“M” is for marriage

This is a long story, but it makes me laugh every time.  Meagan is just dying of laughter!

I HAD to include this one!

New initial, new ring

Both of them have such beautiful eyes

Both families love games.  You know that saying, “You had me at hello”?  Well, Joe “had her at Nertz.”

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