The Cook Christmas

The Cook family, like Brad and Emily (in a previous post), are near and dear to our family.  They are a huge support to us in the student ministry, and they even teach Sunday School there.  They immediately befriended us when we came to Travis Avenue Baptist, and that is so helpful when you know no one.  What great friends they are to us!

One hour of daylight.  That’s what we had.  One hour to get one photo for one Christmas card.  Sounds easy, but with very cold weather and a baby, you never know what you’re going to get.  “So how DO you get a baby to act well in freezing weather?” you may ask.  The answer is BRING CUPCAKES!

Ashley Cook is actually a wonderfully talented baker.  She bakes wedding, graduation, birthday (etc. etc.) cakes, cupcakes, cookies (etc. etc.).  She does a wonderful job!  You can check out her work at

When we decided to do Christmas card photos, I asked her to make something for the pics, and the cupcakes looked adorable.  The Christmas card turned out really great, but I think the memory of Cooper chowing down on cupcakes is even better!  Those chubby cheeks couldn’t get enough!  I’ve included several of the photos from the cupcakes because the expressions were just hysterical!

Doesn’t Caroline look like Chris here?

Little Miss Sassy Pants made this photo priceless!

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