The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5.  That’s how they sign their cards.  And when it comes to performing, they can do that, too!  This family loves to laugh, and they love the Lord.  What gets better than that?!  We became friends with the Jacksons when we were at Lakeside Baptist Church in Canton, TX.  We loved it there, and in fact, have some sweet bonds with people there still.  The Jacksons are one family that we still love to catch up with when we can.  We can count on them to love us and entertain us with their goofiness.  The whole fam can make us laugh until our faces hurt.  I’m sure you can tell it from these photos.

Now, I did run into one problem when taking their family photos.  They could never be serious!  Ha!  Every time I was about to hit the shutter, one of them would make a face or pose.  Then I would start laughing, so I couldn’t hold the camera still.  Yes, this was a long process, but I think the photos exemplify who they are.

Cyndie is quite the creative one, so when we had set a date for pics, she began brainstorming.  She had recently bought antique theater seats, and I was so excited to use them.  They also had recently bought land that they were building a house on, so the location was sentimental, as well.

Jackson 5, as always, I had a blast!  I can’t wait to catch up soon!

This was Jonathan’s idea.  “Watch what I can do!”

I told them to love on their mom…what did they do?

This is a typical Jackson boys moment

I know the following are several faces, but the kids just have so many facials that I had to include some.

The house!

My fave!  Yes, I did get one of just smiles!  (Which usually I would call “normal,” but the silly faces are the Jackson “norm.”)

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