Michelle & Robert: 2 sweet spirits becoming 1

What a joy this wedding was!  Perhaps it was because this bride and groom’s joy was contagious!  I got the privilege of shooting Michelle and Robert’s engagements back in September, and the big day finally came in January.  The wedding was never stressful, always full of love, encouragement, and joy.  The Holy Spirit was so evident before, during, and after the ceremony, and that brought great delight to this photographer!  Michelle and Robert, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.  I enjoyed getting to worship alongside you two!

The beautiful bride…

I love these 2 hand shots of mother and daughter side by side.

The handsome {and happy} groom ready to see his bride

I love this collage of the girls.  These were some of the best girls to work with–so full of life and laughter.  They didn’t even mind posing for this “idea” I had.

I love how Robert can just pick Michelle up without any effort!

I just HAVE to leave you with this photo.  It’s one of my random faves of the day.  The facials are just hilarious!  Congrats Jonathan on catching the garter!

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