Sick week special

As I said early on this week, we have all been sick!  Honestly, our family rarely gets sick, but when it happens, there are some things that always get us through. (Here’s just a few!)

1. Sovereign Silver (collodial silver)–Known for its immune boosting power, this is our go-to med.  My chiro introduced me to this, and it’s great, natural infection fighter.

2.  Bath & Body Works Stress Relief sugar scrub and bubble bath–Ok, I also use this when I’m well, but for a horrible head cold, this seems to calm the senses.

3.  California Cuties Clementine oranges–Did you know that oranges are antiviral and anticancer fruits?  AND they give you more than just Vitamin C.  Research it sometime!  I have been addicted on these little cuties for a while now.  My family and I can’t get enough!

4.  Elderberry–This is actually a great immune system booster, too!  We have had 2 illnesses in a whole year on Elderberry, and both just happen to occur when we went without it for a few days.  That’s great for a family with a 2 and 4 year old who are around children at least 3 times a week.  It comes in tablet and liquid form, so I get tablet for Drew and I and liquid for the kids.  Research the properties of this little secret fruit and you’ll be surprised at the benefits!

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