Whose I am

…these moments when I just know the Lord is showing His love toward me through them. I joke with my friends that the Lord gave me children early on in my marriage because I wasn’t listening to Him enough without a visual. So today I had one of those moments…

Connor and Reece so often dance in the house. We love to have little family dance-offs. Lately, however, they’ve been frequently slow-dancing, pretending that they are a knight and princess. This morning they asked for their favorite iTune, “Once Upon a Dream” from the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack. Connor asked Reece for the dance, and as I expected, she replied, “I need my Cinderella dress.” That dress. That gloriously glittered dress gets pulled out of the dress-up box everyday. Every time she puts it on, Reece says, “I’m pretty. I’m a princess.”

Reece began walking toward the stairs to go get it, and Connor stopped her. He said, “But Reece, you look like her to me.”

A couple days ago, I was burdened by some criticism a stranger had given my photography. I wasn’t so concerned that I received the criticism, but that it was hatefully done behind my back with the intentions of me not knowing about it. God had convicted me that I am not the judge of others. At the literal moment I was praying for repentance, my daughter was singing in the other room, “Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.” Once again, thanks be to a God who gives visuals! I thought to myself, “Stop thinking about what that man said, and start remembering what the Bible says about you!”. Immediately Scriptures entered my mind, and I verbally responded to them. “I am chosen, an adopted daughter of the King. I’m forgiven and loved. I’m sealed and empowered. I am gifted with the Spirit. In Him, I have peace, hope, and deliverance. I may be criticized and put down, but I have confidence in this: Yes! I’m a daughter of the King!”

So fast-forward to today. I must say that it melted my heart to hear my son say to my daughter that he considered her a princess without the gaudy attire, but the thing that left me breathless was the reminder of the way God views His own. We don’t have to impress Him. In fact, we can’t impress Glory Himself! However, He is so in love with His adopted sons and daughters that He asks us to come and enjoy Him just as we are! Then, mid-dance we might just realize the beauty of being His!

7 thoughts on “Whose I am

  1. What a great peek into everyday life. We just love you and your whole family.

    I can’t wait to see what creative things you’ll do when you take pictures of my princess, too.

  2. Our Lord has given you wonderful insight. Thanks for sharing out of his abundant grace in your lives. We love your family!

  3. I like that you are opening up your blog for other insights into your life outside of photography (although you know I love that too.) Thank you for this powerful reminder today, my friend–it ministered to me.

  4. Thank you all, my friends! God is so good to bring His Word to life on a daily basis! Love you all!

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