Kelly & Spencer, engagement

I knew from the moment I met them a few Saturdays ago that I would love this shoot!  Kelly and Spencer have such a sweet story.  I wish I could record Kelly speak (with all her giddiness) of how the two met and fell in love and just play it on this blog for you to hear, but unfortunately I am not that technologically advanced.  So I will have to briefly paraphrase their story.

Kelly and Spencer actually met on an online dating site, and he “winked” at her.  Kelly had just cancelled her subscription to the site, but she decided to let Spencer have a chance.  Good thing she did!  They met, fell in love, and now they are engaged to be married in May!  Kelly told me that through many hardships this past year, Spencer has been alongside her.  Her constant friend and love.

On the photoshoot, it didn’t take much to get these 2 to act naturally.  They were utterly head over heals for each other.  I immediately could tell that they treasured and treated each other as a gift.  How refreshing!

Kelly and Spencer, it was a joy to shoot your engagements in February, and I can’t wait for May to get here!  Looking forward to seeing you again!

Do you sense the giddiness?!

Aren’t these the greatest boots?!  Kelly had them custom-made with their wedding date!

I just love this little sequence!

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