Christy & Jason

Christy & Jason’s wedding was my first opportunity to shoot a morning wedding.  I have to say I loved it!  Although they had to be up and at ’em early in the morning, I’m sure it was wonderful for a bride and groom to have the remainder of the day free and leisurely.  So, any of you brides out there who are thinking of having a morning wedding, go for it!  There’s something about a beautiful fresh morning that makes a wedding all the more beautiful.  Enough of my advertising…

This wedding just blew me away!  It’s simplicity was elegant, the people were gorgeous, and the ceremony was so full of the Spirit.  I was literally trying to catch my breath during an amazing prayer time with the whole wedding party during the ceremony.  The Lord’s glory was all over the place!  A past bride, and amazing singer/songwriter, Summer Ames Cornett sang beautifully and the Spirit fell down.  If you would like to see how ridiculously talented this girl is, you can find her website at

So here are some shots from that day…

Oh yeah, another perk for a morning wedding…having the newlyweds come back to the church for a stress-free session with just the two of them!

Such a sweet expression here

2 great couches

…1 adorable flower girl

…and a sweet photo of mom & daughter

Funny story.  The groom and groomsman wanted perfectly folded handkerchiefs, so they went meticulously by the instructions.  Yes, our photoshoot was delayed.

I just love how Avery made her big exit before (her mom) Christy & Jason.  So cute!

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