Andy & Angela

I have an older brother named Andy.  He loves Angela.  We love Angela.  Everyone is happy.

When I first talked to Andy about him dating Angela, there was something so different.  She seemed like a perfect match, but it’s hard not to jump to conclusions…especially for a sappy girl like me.  (As I write this, my daughter is watching Snow White.  I guess it’s genetic?)  To make a long story short, Andy DID find his future wife, and they were engaged in November.  I am so proud of him for not settling for anything less than the best.  We are so excited for Angela to join the Zinkgraf family.

Oh, and by the way, both their initials will be AZ.  A-Z…cute huh?  Enough of my rambling.  Here’s the photo shoot!

Andy and Angela love to drink coffee and chat at her/his home when they visit each other, so these next few shots are more for sentiment’s sake.  To make it extra special, Angela brought all the coffee cups that Andy has brought back for her from various places as souvenirs.  I just loved that, so I cleared out the bookshelf  at our house and placed them in there.  How cute are they?!

Then we went to a church in Fort Worth…

I just think this is hilarious!

Look at those cute shoes!

A fave

It was really bright that day.  Can you tell by Andy’s expression on the left?

My favorite sequence of pictures

After downtown Fort Worth, we went to the ballpark in Arlington.  They love baseball, and Andy even has written messages to Angela on baseballs.  I’m proud of his creativity. 🙂

Yes, they came up with this idea.

We just happened to come across a cool spot under the bridge when walking back to our car at the ballpark.

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