Don’t you wish you had spring break again?  I remember looking forward to it from early on and even through my college years.  Fall always seemed to go by quickly with football and holidays, but the Spring seemed to drag on forever, so the break was well appreciated.  Because we work with youth, I had many people ask me, “What did YOU do for Spring break?”  This year, my answer was “Photoshoots.”  No, I did not “break,” but I still had fun!

Emily is one of our students at Travis.  I actually am her Sunday School teacher, and I enjoy her taking part in discussion each week.  The girl has spunk, and she balances it with brains.  This Spring break, we travelled together with her mom around Fort Worth for our little Senior shoot.  It was a blast!  I think you might just see a little of her spunk in her photos.

When I posted these on Facebook, Emily’s mom noticed you can see her unique freckle in her eye!

Yep!  That’s Emily!

Emily’s mom said her face is always in a book, so we just had to get a few photos of her reading!

2 thoughts on “Emily

  1. You did a fantastic job. I don’t even know the girl…but her personality seems to be coming through and I love these shots! So creative and beautiful! 🙂

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