When I think of March and April, it brings back fond memories of being a kid and flying kites with my dad.  I loved those beautiful days when the wind blew fearlessly, my kite caught the wind just right, and it seem to soar above the clouds.  Everything is a little more amazing through a child’s eyes.  The sentimental girl that I am loves to reminisce about those simple times.

But reality taught me that wind is good for kites, not photoshoots.

I’m so glad Lindsey and her mom had a good sense of humor and patience with the wind.  They were so good to work with.  And the great thing was that Lindsey is so naturally beautiful that the windblown look doesn’t do any harm.  We coasted through a few different parts of Fort Worth and got several different looks.  What a fun shoot it ended up being!

This site was actually the church that Lindsey’s parents got married at.  Lindsey’s mom didn’t tell me that until we were leaving, and I just had to credit the Lord for guiding us to such a sentimental spot without me even knowing!

This last spot was a little treasure someone had told me about long ago, and I never had the perfect person to use it.  Lindsey’s personality fit it perfectly!

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