A while back, you may have seen my forever long post from Joe (my brother) and Meagan’s engagement.  Well, a few months have past, and the wedding date has come and gone.  (The wedding was just beautiful, I might add.)  Because of this, I can finally post some of Meagan’s bridals.  We did them ONE WEEK before the wedding.  How’s that for cutting it close?!  It was also a day where the weather changed from rainy to sunny each time we stepped outside.  The day was yet another testimony of God’s faithfulness and a reminder that God cares about the details.  We had a blast, as always!

Meagan, you are such a wonderful (and beautiful!) addition to our family.  We are so excited to live life and share in many more great, many times silly, and always memorable times with you!  We love you!

I love this one!  It’s so “Meagan!”

Isn’t she beautiful?!

I’m ending with just a couple of photos we took at a candy shop.  Yes, I am so glad Meagan is as spontaneous as I…she fits into the Zinkgraf clan quite well! 🙂

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