Kelly, my 50th post!

So I have this weird things with numbers.  I love to see my speedometer change to even numbers.  I love times like 11:11 or 3:33.  I love when I check out at the grocery store and somehow with tax included, it adds up an exact dollar amount, such as $10, $20, etc.  It’s a quirk of mine, and most of the time I don’t talk about it because it’s just weird.  However, now that I’ve gotten out into cyberspace, I have to say that I’m excited that this is my 50th post!  Yay for the WordPress blog!


Enough with numbers.  Let me introduce you to Kelly.  You may remember her from her engagement shoot from San Antonio.  Unfortunately, because both of our schedules were packed, we couldn’t fit a bridal session in prior to the wedding date.  However, lucky for both of us, she had her wedding at a great place with very Hill Country-esque (if that is even a word) surroundings.  It was beautiful, so we spent a few moments before the wedding party posed shots began to get some bridals.  What a beautiful bride she was!

I just fell in love with her choice of flowers!

I believe this might be one of my bridal faves of all time!

4 thoughts on “Kelly, my 50th post!

  1. I love to see the odometer hit even numbers too, so you’re not the only one!
    Yay for being your 50th post!!
    I love my bridals! Thanks again, your work is amazing!

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