Baby Will

What a sweet little one Will is!  I have never shot such a contented baby as he was that day.  He would just lay and stare, make the sweetest facial expressions, and try to roll.  He rarely got fussy, and when he did, it was the softest cry.  After this photo shoot, I came home and told Drew that it made me want another one.  I absolutely love the stages my kids are (4 and 2 years), but photographing babies makes me remember and reminisce the sweetness of the tiny stages.  What a blessing a baby is!

I have to say that I adore this next picture.  Chelsea and Dane had a little seat at the edge of their bed, and I think it looked perfect in the photos!

(Above) Yes, he has to be a Longhorn!

(Below)  Isn’t this the most beautiful expression?!

Capturing the size of his features was so fun…

Doesn’t this make your heart melt?!

Poor Will got tired at the end of our photo shoot and just fell asleep in Dane’s arms.  No fussing, just drifted away.  I love the peacefulness of a baby’s sleep.

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