Alone time?

I am sitting here in a hotel room by myself.  I fly out for a wedding in Colorado tomorrow.  Although most moms would just die to have an evening alone, I’ve really had to TRY to enjoy myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the evening and the wonderful opportunity, but for the past hour, I’ve been trying to figure out why I have to TRY.

I’ve come to a conclusion…I’m an extrovert, which does not mean I talk too much or am loud or rule the crowds. In fact, I’m far from that.   An extrovert is simply one who is refreshed by being around other people.  I love people, even people watching.

Perhaps this part of my personality comes from being around a big family–there was always action and noise in our home growing up.  Or perhaps it is simply my genetic make-up.  Whatever reason there is for it, I have found myself laughing at these quiet moments because I’m wanting to move, do something, get out, talk.  For heaven’s sake, I wish I had the kids jumping on the bed beside me!  Maybe the sentimental part of me longs for an exciting memory, not a boring one filled with myself lounging around.

My husband doesn’t understand me.  He so often tells me he just needs “Drew time,” and quietly retreats to read or watch a TV show.  He is totally contented in solitude.  We are two very different people.

So, as Meg Ryan says in one of my faves, “You’ve Got Mail,” I want to “send this cosmic question out into the void…”

What do you do with alone time?  Do you enjoy it or not?  And why?

“Goodnight, dear void…”

4 thoughts on “Alone time?

  1. Where are you going to be in Colorado? For how long? I’d hate for you to have too much alone time…maybe I need to come meet you for lunch if you are in Northern Colorado. 🙂

    I enjoy alone time if I’m at home. In a hotel room…I think I’d go crazy and possibly cry! More likely…I’d write a blog and play on the internet. If I’m at home, I love it to be quiet (rarely happens). I love to sew or read or clean in peace. I love to sit on the porch or do something wit the lawn. I also love to run alone! 🙂

    Miss you & love you. Have fun at your wedding…Oh if I only I knew how amazing of a photographer you were at my wedding. My wedding pictures totally stink! 🙂 haha~ But in my mind the memories are beautiful & perfect! 🙂

    • Oh Shelly! After that night, my internet wasn’t working well in CO, so I never got to reply to this. I was in Crested Butte for the wedding, and then Creede for vacay! It was a blast! I agree with you…I can find things to do at home if I’m alone, but you pinned me…I DID write the blog and play on the internet to pass an hour or two by. Haha. Miss you! Hasn’t it been about 8 or 9 years???!! Happy Anniversary (a couple of weeks late) by the way! 🙂

  2. I’m with Drew. Sometimes a little alone time is all I need to be re-energized. Darius is just like you…he paces if he is in a room alone! 🙂

    • Haha! I love how couples usually energize in opposite ways! It makes you a perfect complement!

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