Celebrating 6 years

I blog this because I know I have a couple of friends who would get a kick out of it.  Last week (July 31st) was Drew and my 6 year anniversary.  It was a wonderful day, mostly because we were in the mountains, as well as because, our friends, the Jacksons babysat the kids as we went on a date.  Those of you parents out there know how great “talking time” is, especially for quality time people like me.

So we began at dinner at a great little Swiss restaurant, and then our Plan A fell through, so we decided to off-road a bit to find a perfect spot to see the sunset

…then it started raining.

I was dying to see the sunset there, so we stuck it out, talked a while longer, and just as it was almost set, the rain let up.  Drew got the brilliant idea to take photos of us there, but I had forgotten the tripod.  Yes, I’m proud that HE was the one with the idea.  I love that man!

So, our remedy?  We take my camera and balance it on the car’s mirror.  Yes, we did!  Approximately $3500 was literally balanced on my car!  You photographer friends love that, don’t you?!  We then set the camera on self-timer and click, click, clicked away.  How fun it was to goof off together!

6 photos for 6 years can be seen below…

Here’s to happy marriages and a ridiculous ideas!  Love you, Drew!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 years

  1. Hailey… love the pictures and your post! Enjoyed seeing you in Colorado. It was a lovely week of celebrations! Thank you so much for traveling up there to shoot Taylor’s wedding! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!

    • Yes it WAS so lovely! I’m so glad you asked me to shoot the wedding! It was a blessing to be a part of (and I mean that sincerely)! I can’t wait to show you more pics!

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