Angela, Bridals

So my sister-in-law (and her mom who was with us, for that matter)  gets the prize  for being the best “trooper.”  Angela and Andy were to be married just a couple weeks after we did this session, so we really had no time to move it to another date.

…and it rained…

I will never forget Angela’s mom praying over the rain as we took just a few inside the Denton courthouse before it closed.  Sure enough, the rain was at a standstill for a few moments, and when it started sprinkling, Angela posed up against walls with the tiniest overhanging roofs as I had an umbrella held over my head.  I should have taken a photo of that!  Angela stayed beautiful…no rain could ruin that!

Love you, sister!  Thanks for trusting me!

I HAD to include a few of these.  Andy proposed with a cookbook.  I could devote a whole blog to share all the romantic details, but I’m just going to share how we used the books in the photos for a reception table.

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