Sarah & Carter, Wedding

I’m trying to stay brief with my blog posts so I can catch up, but I HAVE to blog about this wedding!   Sarah was one of my most detailed brides I’ve ever photographed!  You may remember her beautiful bridals a few posts back.  If I had to describe her, I’d say she’s a mix of “Anthropologie” and sincere thoughtfulness!  I might add that Carter is just as thoughtful as Sarah, which made a dream job for me.  I left that evening, completely refreshed by being around such wonderful people and their family.  I think you’ll see a glimpse of what I mean…

Sarah escaped for a few moments to write a note to include in the gift for her husband-to-be.

Equally as thoughtful, Sarah’s bridesmaids.  They beat Sarah to the dressing room at the Chapel so that they could write fun messages on the chalkboard.

Sarah’s wonderful husband surprised her with a gift that day, too!

The wonderful wedding party…

Details, details, details.  There are so many that I’m going to leave you with a collage.

A few to take note of: A homemade table assignment board, a framed photo of Sarah and her beloved grandfather on her bouquet that was wrapped with heirloom handkerchiefs, a ring pillow passed down from Sarah’s parents, and an Aggie Stadium for a grooms cake.  Other thoughtful details included donations instead of favors and a garter bought from Etsy that benefitted an organization that redeems women who have been caught in oppression.

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