Excuse the loud tablecloth

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is not photography-related. Well, only one bullet point is. 😉

I really don’t know why I do this occasionally, but sometimes I just have the urge to finish several projects, and I can’t figure out which is the most important, so I use my kids’ afternoon nap-time to complete absolutely nothing, but get one step closer to completing everything.  Haha!  Maybe some of you moms can say “Amen!”  I actually LOVE the accomplishment I feel in checking things off of my weekly list, so once again, I don’t know why I ever do this.  Maybe it’s somewhere way down the line in the gene-pool or maybe it’s the combination of my self-drive and idealism.

Whatever it may be, I found myself there today.  I had stopped to fill the coffee mug, and I looked down, and I saw something.  I realized I was surrounded by some of my favorite things.  I then took a step on a kitchen chair to stare down at the mess.  Ahhh!  Seeing the birds-eye view was actually quite stress-relieving.  I stood there, sipped some coffee and enjoyed the view.  Then, I took a picture to remind me that my messes are  the reflection of what I love most.  Well, not always, but sometimes.

So, I thought I might share.  About a year ago, I blogged about authenticity.  Well, THIS is authentic Hailey.  Here’s a few of my favorite things that I experience, use, and enjoy on a daily basis.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is the exact view I got from the chair…except that I traded a dirty bowl for a clean one (for your benefit), and of course, I wanted to use my good camera for the shot, and so just swap that little point-and-shoot for the mental image of my 5D.  Haha!

1.  Bible:  I love how this is in the left-hand corner because, yes, this is the most important time of my day.  Apparently, I never cleared the table between Bible time and make-a-mess time.

2.  Homemade Planner:  Ok, this is just a cute notebook, that I have personally tabbed, but I just couldn’t pass up the cuteness to get a boring planner at Target.  This is the list that I was sub-conciously rebelling against checking off today.

3.  Cell Phone:  Yes, I need contact to the outside world, one way or another, at all times.

4.  Coffee:  A must.  My coffee break is during my kids nap-time when I can actually savor it.  Today’s flavor…Central Market Coffee Nut.

5.  Entertaining and Ministry Combo:  I’m currently preparing for a weekend girls event at our church.  That means lots of cutesy decor prep.  Those napkins wrapped in twine remind me not only of entertaining, but, more importantly, of the ministry to students that my husband and I adore at Travis Avenue Baptist Church.  I do love a good (creatively decorated) party, though!

6.  Graphic Design and Crafting:  Also in my plans for the weekend…a baby shower for a friend at Travis.  I’m currently in the midst of creating a centerpiece with cards that I designed to look like old plane tickets for an aviation-themed shower.  Blog to come about that! I absolutely LOVE projects that combine both design and craft.

7.  Camera:  This is where you should imagine the 5D.  Not much discussion.  I just love it!  I love how it reminds me of how the Lord has brought me the best clients and wonderful memories.

8.  Apples:  Actually, I should say fruit.  The old get-to-know-you question, “What’s your favorite food?”  is always answered, “Fruit!”

9.  Paper Towels:  Yes, I do love them.  With a 3 and 5 year-old, we use them A LOT.  We should buy stock.

10.  Candle:  A triple-scented, hand poured candle from Midland’s Candle Cafe.  Check them out online! In my opinion, “Cinilla” makes the mess smell good.

11.  Anthro Bowl:  Cute dishes make meals happy.  Even Mac and Cheese tastes gourmet.

12.  Kids’ Cups:  I don’t necessarily like when my kids trail their mess all over the house.  In fact, we have taught them early on that they are in charge of cleaning what they get out.  (Makes the parent’s job easier.)  However, I love the reminder of how blessed I am to be at home…with the kids…with the mess.  The cups=memories in my mind.  How great it is to remember that the time of Princesses and Toy Story will be over in the blink of an eye.  I won’t always have those kids’ cups in the cabinet.  Ok, away with the emotion…

13.  A Very Loud Tablecloth:  Please excuse the fact that my projects blend in with it.  Or maybe that’s why I love it.

Nap-time is over.  Will blog again soon!

Love, Hailey

2 thoughts on “Excuse the loud tablecloth

  1. Oh my lanta….this is SO perfect and so YOU! Every single thing from the colors, the organizing of your mess and the numbers! I love it! I’m so thankful you exist, and much more, are my friend! 🙂

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