“Style Me Pretty” & “Texas Live” Magazine

These past few months have been a whirlwind of activity.  (Hence, the lack of blogging and then blogging like 15 posts in 2 nights to try to catch up!)  I have gone through a busy semester of ministry, teaching senior girls’ sunday school (my fave!), soccer season and ballet, homeschooling my kids their preschool curriculum, and everything else that life has brought our way.  After “life” comes photography, and I have to say that I’ve been a little taken back by what the Lord has done.

There are far too many great photographers out there…great photographers with lots of awards, constant publications, and expensive marketing.  I have no business ever comparing myself to them or wishing to be them.  I do, however, have the responsibility to claim every bit of “good” handed to me as an amazing example of both God’s sovereignty and grace.  Know that this post is not about me, it’s about Him.  These publications I will briefly talk about (and a couple in the workings), as well as all the floods of business I received, have not been sought out by me, but rather handed to me by Him.  GOD has provided for, marketed, and affirmed the business He’s called me to in undeserving, unreal ways.  He’s beyond gracious, and I really don’t understand it.

In November, I had a wedding published and in Style Me Pretty.  You can see the link here.  The wedding in the previous post was a spectacular event with beautiful people (as genuine and humble as can be, by the way), and so I was not surprised that SMP decided to publish it.  It’s a wedding of dreams for shabby chic brides!  Go and check it out!

In December I was contacted for 2 possible magazine publications, and a couple of weeks ago, I received the first.  It was the “Texas Live” bridal issue.  My photos are numbered below.  What sweet proof of God’s kindness to my family and business!

2 thoughts on ““Style Me Pretty” & “Texas Live” Magazine

  1. Drew told me you were published! Congrats! And thanks be to God. I’ve always been impressed with your talent. I wish I had that kind of eye when photographing people. Very well done.

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