Announcement, Excitement, Changes!

I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of Central Market’s Decaf Snickernut coffee.  Decaf because 1. It’s so late and 2.  I’m pregnant!  Had to get that news out there somehow! 😉  At the end of this post, I will explain how that will temporarily change business in several months, but first, I want to tell you our news in the same, exciting way that we told family and friends.

We found out I was pregnant the day we were to leave for Boston for a Spring Break vacation.  Drew and I quickly decided over a nice dinner date that we would use our vacation to make a video to announce to our immediate family (who are all over Texas) and then the rest of our family and friends over Facebook (technology is such a good thing).

Drew and I think family should come first, and I skyped my parents as they watched it.  Once again, thanks to technology, I was able to screen-capture their responses.  It was great!  Here’s the brief version of what happened…

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse inside our lives and excitement, I wanted to quickly explain how this wonderful blessing is going to affect business.  Of course, nothing is predictable with pregnancy, but if I can somewhat judge from my other 2 children, I will say that I plan on continuing photography through the summer and early fall.  (With my first child, I had a photo shoot on his due date! Ha!)  Because I’m due in November, I do not plan to travel outside of DFW during the last couple months for photo shoots/weddings.  I also plan on taking maternity leave, but my due date is set at a great time to do so…right before the holidays, which I like to take off of any way.  Props to ‘baby’ for wanting to come a great time!  I cannot completely plan as of now, but I will continue to update my plans on here.  Blessings on this week, and I hope you are experiencing as much excitement as we have!

One thought on “Announcement, Excitement, Changes!

  1. yaaay!! congratulations Ericson/Zinkgraf family!! This is so cute! I love your dad’s reaction…he looks so proud 🙂

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