Finally: getting back to the bliggity blog

I feel the need to direct your attention to my last post.

Yes, you read correctly. 10/22/11. Now that that embarrassing tidbit is out there, let me catch up on the last few several months in a brief paragraph.

I had baby Hadleigh. Drew became a pastor. We lived through Hadleigh’s reflux and colic and random hospital visits. My firstborn went through his first year of school and graduated kindergarten. We moved…cities, schools, churches, and houses. I ended my maternity leave and started back into photography. We remodeled our house (ok, only partially, but in big ways). We went without internet for 4 1/2 months. (Yes, people still can do it!) I changed my website to Aaaaand that brings us to today.

Much has changed. We are tremendously blessed. Praise God!

FYI: I am about to post a series of blog posts so that you can see just a few details of my major-busy-no-time-for-blogging last several months, but for now, I thank you for your patience! Love and blessings to you! –Hailey

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