Highlights: 10 months of families

To spare you from 10,000 posts, here’s just a few of my favorite family moments…

1. Little Ethan loved this part of his ONE year session!  I guess most boys would like a dirty old bathtub to play in???

2. What other session would correlate with the number TWO than these adorable twins?

3. These THREE make quite a happy family, don’t they?  Ok, enough with the number/word play.

4.  One of the quickest shoots I’ve ever had.  Under 15 minutes, and these boys were all smiles.

5.  One of the sweetest, most feminine shoots ever!

6. How precious are my old friends from Fort Worth?  I truly think they could be a Dr. Pepper advertisement!

7.  Yet, some more sweet friends from our old church!  The Gentry fam knows how to infect my blog with cuteness!

8.  I seem to have a theme going here…here are some more old friends!  The Russells had an incredible fishing-themed shoot last year.  Just you wait til you see their session I did just the other day!

9.  And how could I ever forget this fabulous session that went from

A. Nautical, beautiful, perfectly sunlit…


B. Crazy, wet, and perfectly awesome!

If you want a peek at more photos from these sessions, skip on over to my Facebook Fan Page!

The Williams Family

You might find it ironic that a couple of my bridesmaids were pregnant at the same time.  Even stranger…5 out of 7 were married within about a year of me, and 5 out of 7 were pregnant at the same time!  What a sweet time of life this is for them!  Blessings abound!

I had the honor of doing a casual shoot during a visit with my maid of honor, Emily.  Because we don’t get to see each other often, the time we got together was a treasured gift to me!  Her precious little one has the cutest smile and was so contented.  Here are a few from our shoot!

I love how the cat wanted in the pic here!