BIG, exciting changes!!!

My heart has been leaning toward this for a long, long time.  This change that I’m about to tell you about.  No, I’m not telling you I’m pregnant again.  Rather, it’s a business change.  Before I go any further, I want to explain my heart.

Over the summer I went to a little photography conference/workshop down in Austin with my favorite photographer friend, Jessica Mooney (shout out, Jessica!).  I felt the information was very beneficial for my business, but I was more intrigued by a photographer, Jim Hicks, who spoke about a non-profit organization he founded called Thirst Relief International.  This is a water development organization working to improve access to safe water in nine countries worldwide.  They are helping thousands of people each year!  I was so compelled by his testimony of how they were helping people globally that I got the information packet, DVD, etc. to take home.   However, I am embarrassed to tell you that it sat in my purse until recently (I’ve got to clean that thing out!) when I started corresponding with the organization.

A couple months ago, my husband had challenged the leaders in our student ministry to read the book Radical, which focused a whole chapter on the apathy that we have toward the world’s poverty.  This chapter resurfaced my heart’s leanings to give to this wonderful organization.  The book also challenged to live “less” and give more, to give sacrificially.  We don’t have to rely upon any government to help those in need.  Rather, we can make the choice to give little by little.

That brings me to my big changes occurring 2011, which is so quickly approaching!  I have been corresponding with the director of operations for Thirst Relief, and he has been so helpful to answer my questions as I begin a partnership with them.  For each wedding booked, I will donate a portion of my proceeds to Thirst Relief in honor of the bride and groom.   I am praising the Lord for this great opportunity to give, as well as create awareness about this serious problem affecting  1.1 billion people each day.

If you have time to read more, I would encourage you to read all about this organization, and maybe you will start giving, too!  As an individual, family, or business, you could begin at $5, which will give one person a LIFETIME supply of water!

{Read here} General Info Handout

So there you have it!  Hailey Erickson Photography + Thirst Relief = Business showing love to the world!

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready for an abundance of posts?  I sure hope so because they are coming your way!  I’ve finally (sort of) caught up from a busy summer and being without a computer for a few weeks, so I’m ready to begin blogging again.  I hate that I had to put this aside, but that’s life.





My apologies

Just a quick note of apology for not blogging for one…whole…month.  Summer photography is busy, but student ministry is even busier, so needless to say, something had to give, and it was the ole blog.  I currently have 12 blog entries that need to be written, and knowing that huge task makes me want to procrastinate even more.  However, I’m dying to share the wonderful stories and beautiful people with you all.  So, “I promise to blog once this craziness ends.”  There…it’s final.  Until then, here’s a bit of happiness from my brother’s recent wedding…

Beginning Fresh!

Welcome to my new blog!  I have recently been trying to reconstruct my blog, and voila!  It’s here!  Here you are…at the first post of my new blog!  Thank you for joining me!  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Hailey Erickson.  I love the Lord, I love my family, friends, and photography.  I have already been enjoying this new year, and I enjoy that it, just like this blog, presents fresh new beginnings!

I have so much to do to catch up on my blogging.  In fact, I’ve just spent the last 2 hours (since my children went to bed) looking through 3 months of photos!  That was a task in itself–a task I had been avoiding.  So over the next couple of days, you might see several posts.  Enjoy, sweet friends!