Highlights: 10 months of love and marriage

Just as with my family post, I’m sparing you once again.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the past 10 months sans blog.

1. How about an adorable wedding downtown Frisco with an elated bride and groom? Yes, please.

2.  This sweet day included a lot of very excited children in the wedding party, which meant shooting at 36 weeks pregnant was actually really fun!

3.  The English tea-inspired bridal session couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the fact that the bride and groom had the most adorable matchy-matchy names (Eric & Erica) made my heart happy!



4.  Yet, another wonderful name–Lemmons!  I couldn’t have been happier to photograph engagements, bridals, and a wedding, full of citrusy goodness!

*Side-note: I just had to include the “exit” photo because it had to be one of my all-time favorite memories at a wedding.  To continue with my goal to be brief, let’s just say that a man lit about 40 sparklers…and you can imagine how that turned out!

5.  To understand how amazing their love story is, you must realize that Jaimie is a cancer survivor.  The day was filled with praises and tears because of  the story the Lord had so beautifully written for them!

6.  Can you see the giddiness?  Melissa and Will’s day could not have been more beautiful!






7.  Though I’m no golfer, I adored this golf-inspired engagement, as well as Megan’s glamorous bridal session in Fort Worth and wedding in Waco!  They are such a beautiful couple with beautiful families!

8.  Willing to go biking, hiking, and even kayaking, had they been open on weekdays, this couple was loads of fun!  Just wait until you see their fun wedding!

9.  These TCU fans bleed purple!  What a joy it was to photograph such a wonderful couple!



If you want a peek at more photos from these sessions, skip on over to my Facebook Fan Page!

Lyndsey & Chris, Engagement

Last Spring, I received an email from someone whom I had only heard of.  Lyndsey was one of my husband’s high school friends from church, and she was in need of some engagement portraits.  Because I didn’t know my husband until college, it thrilled me to work with someone that he knew growing up.  Drew was asked to officiate the wedding, and watching that was a blessing for me, as well.  Lyndsey and Chris, it was a pleasure working with you, and we thought the wedding day was just lovely.  Many blessings on your marriage!

Andy & Angela

I have an older brother named Andy.  He loves Angela.  We love Angela.  Everyone is happy.

When I first talked to Andy about him dating Angela, there was something so different.  She seemed like a perfect match, but it’s hard not to jump to conclusions…especially for a sappy girl like me.  (As I write this, my daughter is watching Snow White.  I guess it’s genetic?)  To make a long story short, Andy DID find his future wife, and they were engaged in November.  I am so proud of him for not settling for anything less than the best.  We are so excited for Angela to join the Zinkgraf family.

Oh, and by the way, both their initials will be AZ.  A-Z…cute huh?  Enough of my rambling.  Here’s the photo shoot!

Andy and Angela love to drink coffee and chat at her/his home when they visit each other, so these next few shots are more for sentiment’s sake.  To make it extra special, Angela brought all the coffee cups that Andy has brought back for her from various places as souvenirs.  I just loved that, so I cleared out the bookshelf  at our house and placed them in there.  How cute are they?!

Then we went to a church in Fort Worth…

I just think this is hilarious!

Look at those cute shoes!

A fave

It was really bright that day.  Can you tell by Andy’s expression on the left?

My favorite sequence of pictures

After downtown Fort Worth, we went to the ballpark in Arlington.  They love baseball, and Andy even has written messages to Angela on baseballs.  I’m proud of his creativity. 🙂

Yes, they came up with this idea.

We just happened to come across a cool spot under the bridge when walking back to our car at the ballpark.

Kelly & Spencer, engagement

I knew from the moment I met them a few Saturdays ago that I would love this shoot!  Kelly and Spencer have such a sweet story.  I wish I could record Kelly speak (with all her giddiness) of how the two met and fell in love and just play it on this blog for you to hear, but unfortunately I am not that technologically advanced.  So I will have to briefly paraphrase their story.

Kelly and Spencer actually met on an online dating site, and he “winked” at her.  Kelly had just cancelled her subscription to the site, but she decided to let Spencer have a chance.  Good thing she did!  They met, fell in love, and now they are engaged to be married in May!  Kelly told me that through many hardships this past year, Spencer has been alongside her.  Her constant friend and love.

On the photoshoot, it didn’t take much to get these 2 to act naturally.  They were utterly head over heals for each other.  I immediately could tell that they treasured and treated each other as a gift.  How refreshing!

Kelly and Spencer, it was a joy to shoot your engagements in February, and I can’t wait for May to get here!  Looking forward to seeing you again!

Do you sense the giddiness?!

Aren’t these the greatest boots?!  Kelly had them custom-made with their wedding date!

I just love this little sequence!

Meagan & Joe: My {very biased} favorite shoot

Yes, this was my absolute favorite shoot ever, but that’s because it was with my brother, Joe, and his beautiful fiance, Meagan.  My husband will take credit for their meeting because they were both assistants in ministry at Lakeside when we were there, but with honesty I must say that they actually met before their internship.  We immediately loved Meagan individually, and when Meagan and Joe became “Meagan and Joe,” we loved that, too.  Meagan is a perfect fit for our family, and it will be great for my sister, Kayci, and I to get another sister!  (We are outnumbered by boys right now.)

Joe has always been a silly guy.  Even as a child he would perform for just about anyone, and he always loved to provoke a good laugh.  If I had one word to describe Meagan, it would be “joy!” (with the exclamation point).  She has such a bubbly, friendly personality, and she also loves a good laugh.  This engagement session surely gave ALL of us some funny memories, as you will see (semi) proof of below.  They were themselves the whole time…no awkwardness, stiffness, or weird smiles.  In fact, at times, I didn’t even have to do a lot of posing because they could pose themselves.  How easy they made it on me!

Besides the silliness, there is such a gentle sweetness that you can see reflected in the way they treat each other, and I loved watching that as we did our session.  They both are in love with the Lord, and that is what has founded their love for each other.  I can’t wait for their wedding because I know that their testimony of His faithfulness and love will be shown in every detail.

I’ve included about half of my favorites here, and some of them are simply because they show off the silliness between Joe and Meagan.  There are so many more I would love to share, but my blog has to show other people, too. 🙂

This makes me happy!  Who knows what was said?

Joe has some great form, huh?  I think these next 2 shots were his idea.

I love the look of this one.

There it is: JOY!

Our friend, Cyndie (see “Jackson 5” post), painted this worn window.  I LOVED that idea!

I HAD to take a photo with this sign

This is one of my all-time favorite sequences

I’m not going to lie, we stole this layout from another photographer that Meagan knew from California.  You have to understand that the beginning of Joe and Meagan’s relationship began 1,423 miles apart as they were in school a few states away.  Joe knew the exact number he drove to ask her to begin dating.  That just made me a little emotional.

Look at that expression!  He used to make that when he was 4!

“M” is for marriage

This is a long story, but it makes me laugh every time.  Meagan is just dying of laughter!

I HAD to include this one!

New initial, new ring

Both of them have such beautiful eyes

Both families love games.  You know that saying, “You had me at hello”?  Well, Joe “had her at Nertz.”