1 year, 2 months, 3 days ago…

…baby #3 was born.

I was reminded Sunday at our church’s ladies’ night out just how good moms are about reminiscing and re-telling birth stories.  I adore that part of being a woman.  I can almost cry when I hear the sentimental details, laugh about the crazy things that women scream at their husbands, and I hate to say that I am even intrigued by the stories about 48 hour labor and 10+ pound babies.  (It makes me more thankful for a 19 hour labor with my firstborn.)  I can honestly say I have no problem with the tendency that women have to “one up” the other women with how horrific their birth experience really was.   I love every bit of the competitive story-telling.

As I was driving home from the ladies’ event, I realized I had never shared photos that my friend and talented photographer, Jessica Mooney, took at the birth of Hadleigh Kate 1 year, 2, months, and 3 days ago. (***Side note: She and I have a quirky thing for numbers, so I thought she’d appreciate my posting this with a numerical reference.) I meant to post on Hadleigh’s first birthday, but that happened to be election day, so my mind was swamped with red, white, and blue thoughts.

My precious Hadleigh has been such a gift this past year, teaching us so much to depend on the Lord.  After our first two babies, Drew and I pridefully thought we had the parenting thing down, but Hadleigh has kept us on our toes from the beginning.

My water broke on a Sunday when my husband was a couple hours away, supposedly picking up the kids from a weekend getaway to their grandparent’s house.  In actuality, he was stranded a couple hours away with a flat tire, and the bolts were so tightly screwed that the tire-changing process was a little longer than normal.  He didn’t answer his phone. I laughed.  Several friends and family members didn’t answer their phones. I laughed. I finally got a hold of one brother who I thought was in DFW, but was actually going back to West Texas.  I laughed. My husband’s secretary and dear friend, Cindy, did get my message while I was on the other line, and she was the heroine of the day, rushing me 45 minutes down the road to the hospital.  When we were at a dead-stop in traffic on the highway due to the Cowboys game, we both laughed.  When I heard my parents (who share one car) had not one, but 2 tires (ironic?) that were to be replaced the next day and some other repair was to be done, I laughed cried. My doctor had the flu.  The hospital didn’t have the paperwork from the doctor.  Everything seemed so badly timed, but I think it’s times like those that, in hindsight, you can laugh again and praise the Lord because He, and only He, could carry you through.

I’ll spare you from the remaining details and save them for another ladies’ night out birth-story swap, but here’s the rest of the story in photographs.


Can you tell Reece dressed herself that day?  Her “Lolli” said she was adement about this all-pink, girly outfit. I love the fact that she was 100% Reece that day, excited to welcome her sister in the most froo-froo way!

My brother, sister-in-law and sister were immediately at the hospital to help with the kids.  I’ve heard some silly stories from the waiting room. If only I had been a fly on the wall.

Oh, and I have no idea what that little playdoh creature is.


Our friends drove all the way from Oklahoma to see us.  It made us feel pretty special, and gave the kids some company when the labor seemed to drag…on…forever.


She was due to be born on 11.11.11 (and my numerical heart sank for a split second in time when my water 5 days early), but I guess she decided wanted to surprise me.  My numerical heart is trumped by my love of surprises. The timing was perfect. She was perfect. God was good.

1 year, 2 months, 3 days later, she’s still surprising us, and God is still teaching us.  We are so blessed.


Highlights: 10 months of senior portraits

As with the last couple posts, you know why I’m keeping it brief!

1.  A lovely girl who will likely see (and minister to) the world

2.  An Arboretum session, complete with beautiful smiles

3.  Don’t colorful balloons make everyone happy?

4.  How about a session at a cute boutique?  (Well, I really got distracted by the stuff I wanted to buy.)

5.  Mod, bright, and creative–that’s just a glimpse into this fab session!

6.  Senior guy + junkyard = greatness!


Highlights: 10 months of love and marriage

Just as with my family post, I’m sparing you once again.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the past 10 months sans blog.

1. How about an adorable wedding downtown Frisco with an elated bride and groom? Yes, please.

2.  This sweet day included a lot of very excited children in the wedding party, which meant shooting at 36 weeks pregnant was actually really fun!

3.  The English tea-inspired bridal session couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the fact that the bride and groom had the most adorable matchy-matchy names (Eric & Erica) made my heart happy!



4.  Yet, another wonderful name–Lemmons!  I couldn’t have been happier to photograph engagements, bridals, and a wedding, full of citrusy goodness!

*Side-note: I just had to include the “exit” photo because it had to be one of my all-time favorite memories at a wedding.  To continue with my goal to be brief, let’s just say that a man lit about 40 sparklers…and you can imagine how that turned out!

5.  To understand how amazing their love story is, you must realize that Jaimie is a cancer survivor.  The day was filled with praises and tears because of  the story the Lord had so beautifully written for them!

6.  Can you see the giddiness?  Melissa and Will’s day could not have been more beautiful!






7.  Though I’m no golfer, I adored this golf-inspired engagement, as well as Megan’s glamorous bridal session in Fort Worth and wedding in Waco!  They are such a beautiful couple with beautiful families!

8.  Willing to go biking, hiking, and even kayaking, had they been open on weekdays, this couple was loads of fun!  Just wait until you see their fun wedding!

9.  These TCU fans bleed purple!  What a joy it was to photograph such a wonderful couple!



If you want a peek at more photos from these sessions, skip on over to my Facebook Fan Page!

Highlights: 10 months of families

To spare you from 10,000 posts, here’s just a few of my favorite family moments…

1. Little Ethan loved this part of his ONE year session!  I guess most boys would like a dirty old bathtub to play in???

2. What other session would correlate with the number TWO than these adorable twins?

3. These THREE make quite a happy family, don’t they?  Ok, enough with the number/word play.

4.  One of the quickest shoots I’ve ever had.  Under 15 minutes, and these boys were all smiles.

5.  One of the sweetest, most feminine shoots ever!

6. How precious are my old friends from Fort Worth?  I truly think they could be a Dr. Pepper advertisement!

7.  Yet, some more sweet friends from our old church!  The Gentry fam knows how to infect my blog with cuteness!

8.  I seem to have a theme going here…here are some more old friends!  The Russells had an incredible fishing-themed shoot last year.  Just you wait til you see their session I did just the other day!

9.  And how could I ever forget this fabulous session that went from

A. Nautical, beautiful, perfectly sunlit…


B. Crazy, wet, and perfectly awesome!

If you want a peek at more photos from these sessions, skip on over to my Facebook Fan Page!

Finally: getting back to the bliggity blog

I feel the need to direct your attention to my last post.

Yes, you read correctly. 10/22/11. Now that that embarrassing tidbit is out there, let me catch up on the last few several months in a brief paragraph.

I had baby Hadleigh. Drew became a pastor. We lived through Hadleigh’s reflux and colic and random hospital visits. My firstborn went through his first year of school and graduated kindergarten. We moved…cities, schools, churches, and houses. I ended my maternity leave and started back into photography. We remodeled our house (ok, only partially, but in big ways). We went without internet for 4 1/2 months. (Yes, people still can do it!) I changed my website to haileyerickson.com. Aaaaand that brings us to today.

Much has changed. We are tremendously blessed. Praise God!

FYI: I am about to post a series of blog posts so that you can see just a few details of my major-busy-no-time-for-blogging last several months, but for now, I thank you for your patience! Love and blessings to you! –Hailey