Kari, Maternity

One of my college roommates, Kari, and I have a wonderful past full of stories together.  Let’s just say that we could easily write a novel, and this blog is not meant for novels.  When I recently shot some maternity shots of her, we picked up right where we left off the last time.  We had entirely too much fun.  However, the rain that day decided to interrupt our fun, and we only got through about 1/3 of our shots.  I have another session on the calendar with her and her husband, but for now, let me just give you a peek at this beautifully pregnant friend of mine.

Kari is quite the “ham,” as we Texans call it.

(Above)  Those boots were Kari’s mom’s.  How special is that?!

(Below) I think the one on the right is my favorite close-up!

This last spot was a grocery store, believe it or not!

Kerrie, Addison, & Emma

Once upon a beautiful March day, one of my best friend’s, Kerrie, and I (plus kids, of course) got together at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth.  Kerrie is expecting a third little girl very soon, and she wanted some pics of her twins before the sweet, new little one arrived.  The children (including mine) were enthralled with the outdoor freedom, so it honestly was a little tough to stop them to shoot.  However, the Lord just kept me on my guard, and the few times they slowed down, I snapped the camera.

We had a wonderful picnic, and I even got a few photos of Kerrie along the way.  This season at the Botanic Gardens is definitely my favorite!

I love this little expression.

Kerrie’s girls both look like perfect dolls.

The emotional being that I am really appreciates moments like these.

Cute belly 🙂

These next few photos were taken as Kerrie was watching her girls play.  How come she looks so perfectly posed?!